Metz Hen Neck

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Metz Hen Neck

The Metz Hen Necks have soft and supple hackles full of mobile fibres that are ideal for wet Trout fly tying, particularly Nymphs. Metz have been the market leaders in the production of genetic hackles for over 20 years and continue to offer the finest quality and best value for money for all fly tyers.

The hen neck feathers have soft barbs which are great for head hackle on some Spider patterns and can also be used for legs and tails on Nymphs too.

The Hen Necks have Grade 1 feathers meaning they have high quality barbs and smaller sized barbs which is suitable for tying smaller sized flies. 

Common flies with the Hen Neck Grade 1 feathers is the Nemo Cruncher, the PNT Nymph TB and the Red Spider.

These hen necks are available in 6 different colours: Black, Cream, Dun, Furnace and Grizzly.

This neck is approximately 22cm in length x 10cm in width. This cape is packed full of usable feathers so it's great value for money.

  • One neck per pack
  • Ideal for wet Trout fly tying and Nymphs
  • Good for head hackle, legs and tails
  • Approx 22cm Length x 10cm Width
  • Available Colours: Black, Ginger/ Brown, Grizzle, Dun, Cream, Furnace 

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