Metz Magnum Neck

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Metz Magnum Neck

The Metz Magnum Necks are premier quality large necks that are packed full of hackles. These hackles are more flexible and softer than standard Metz cock necks and are mainly used for Salmon fly tying.

Most commonly used for hackle, especially on the throat of flies and they can also be used on Pike flies and used on streamer patterns too. Due to the size of these feathers, it is recommended that they are used for size 16 hooks and up.

Common flies that can use the Metz Magnum Neck feathers include the popular Carrie Stevens streamer patterns found on the Shang's Favourite and the Pink Lady.

The Metz Magnum Necks are approximately 30cm in length x 13.5cm in width and provide a vast amount of usable feathers. Metz have been the market leaders in the production of genetic hackles for over 20 years and continue to offer the finest quality and best value for money for all fly tyers.

These capes and saddles offer bigger, wider feathers for salmon, salt water and large trout flies/lures.

  • Available in colours: Black, Blue, Chartreuse, Cream, Olive, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Grizzle, Grizzle Chartreuse, Grizzle Olive, Grizzle Orange, Grizzle Pink or Grizzle Yellow

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