Nomura Never Crack Spinning Rod

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Length/Casting Weight: 2.7m 20-40g
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Nomura Never Crack Spinning Rod

Whether hunting Bass, using a light soft lure, or strong pelagic, using a pencil of up to 85 grams, this series of rods will always live up to your expectations. Almost indestructible, during testing in sea combat the rod lasted for almost two hours without yielding to the force of the fish.

In the great rivers of Europe, such as the Po, the rod has been tested with the 2.4 m action and the 40 grams flipping jig action, to catch a catfish of great weight. Equipped with strong SIC guides, for use with braids.

The high grove EVA handle is split to reduce the weight of the rods, and so with this rod it is possible to use the technique underarm jerk.

  • 2piece, High modulus Carbon blank
  • MCC Master Casting Control blank construction, for maximum casting performance
  • MLC Master Lure Control weight balancing, delivering maximum precision control of lures
  • Nomura Special Raw Blanks, for enhanced aesthetics and durability
  • Solid tip for maximum bite sensitivity

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