Nomura Kanji Spin Rod

Length/Casting Weight: 2.4m 30-70g
Sale price£79.99 GBP


Nomura Kanji Spin Rod

The rod for fighting with prey extra-large. Powerful, eye-catching, but also light and strong. The actions of this series are designed for fishing for big pike, catfish and all the great predators of sea and freshwater.

These rods are the answer to the needs of an extreme spinning that requires appropriate action to fish with big jerkbaits, with big crankbaits, spinnerbaits and with the soft baits intended for large fish.

Very well designed and superbly finished rods, dedicated to fishing for shore fish in salt water.

Length C.W Sections Closed Weight
2.4m (8ft) 30-70g 2 125cm 156g
2.4m (8ft) 40-80g 2 125cm 151g
2.7m (9ft) 30-70g 2 140cm 190g
2.7m (9ft) 40-80g 2 140cm 178g

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