OGP Gotlandspilen Inline Lure

Size: 8.7cm / 18g
Colour: Crystal Olive
Sale price£7.99 GBP


OGP Gotlandspilen Inline Lure

The Gotlandspilen has a unique design that ensures extra-long throws and at the same time, it can be spun in slowly to fish shallow areas. Gotlandspilen moves with large enticing rashes in the water which imitates an injured prey, and thus an easy and tempting meal for the sea’s predatory fish. Gotlandspilen is rigged with Rigged Trout treblehook (#6-#8) or Rigged Seatrout singlehook (#2-1/0) on a fluorocarbon line (ø0.4mm).

  • Handpainted detailed colours
  • Great all-round lure
  • Great casting ability
  • Erratic action

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