OGP Henry's Sømmet Inline Lure

Size: 16g
Colour: Crystal Olive
Sale price£7.99 GBP


OGP Henry's Sømmet Inline Lure

H-Sømmet is a true Danish classic when talking sea trout fishing lures on the Danish coasts. The design of H-Sømmet make the movement mimics one of the sea trout’s most important food sources, the sandeel. The elongated shape of the H-Sømmet allows good long throws, which ensures that the angler uncovers as much water as possible and increases his fishing chances. The H-Sømmet is rigged with a Rigged Trout treblehook (#8) or Rigged Seatrout singlehook (#2) on a fluorocarbon line (ø0.4mm).

  • Handpainted detailed colours
  • Great all-round lure
  • Great casting ability

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