Pac-Man Tripod Light Kit

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Pac-Man Tripod Light Kit

The Pac-Man Rechargeable Tripod Light

Super innovative idea just new to the angling world. This tripod light is going to be a hit amongst the sea angling fraternity. 

Tip lights will become a thing of the past when the Pac-Man is fitted onto the tripod giving full illumination to either 1 or 2 rods, leaving your headlamp free to concentrate it's beam on the task in hand, organising and getting the next trace ready.

The manufacturers have been testing this product for over 24 months and it has proven to be long lasting and durable, providing full waterproof qualities with the robustness to stand up to all the beach elements has to offer

The Pac-Man's battery has a velcro strap that gives a really tight fit to the 'V' or diameter in the tripod leg and the light head has a solid screw fitting that allows the light to be tighten on the tripod securely. 

Battery is charged via a standard male to male lead that plugs into phone charger sockets or wall. There is a neat indictor on the lead that glows blue when charging and indicates green when fully charged. The battery can keep going for 8-9 hours on full light setting. It is fitted with a 3 setting option. The charging time is not specific but was really quite fast when we were testing it.

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