Preston Double Decker Side Tray

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Preston Double Decker Side Tray

A really clever idea for maximising space by adding a high rise second level! The larger lower section is manufactured from ultra lightweight perforated ventalite material whilst the upper tier is solid aluminium. So perfect for keeping smaller tackle items like loose shot, bait bands etc to hand. The lower section can house several bait boxes at once on the smaller sized system and four plus on the larger design.

  • Two level system
  • Aluminium and Ventalite construction
Last photo for illustration, bait and boxes not included


    Small side tray

    • Small upper tray 36.5cm x 31cm
    • Large lower tray 43cm x 39cm
    • 1 leg mounting point


    Large side tray

    • Small upper tray 48cm x 32cm
    • Large lower tray 54cm x 43.5cm
    • 2 leg mounting points

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