Preston Hollo Elastic

Size: 9
Sale price£11.99 GBP


This original and best hollo elastic system, Prestons have truely been innovative with this one!  Consistant performace no matter what you're targetting is the name of the game with this one, the HEL09 Elastic is perfect when small carp and silver fish are on the cards, while bruisers can be easily handled when time is important with the HEL19!

Use with Hollo Connectors and Hollo PTFE Bushes for the best results.


Code Size Grade Colour
HEL09 9 8-10 Light Blue
HEL11 11 10-12 Red
HEL13 13 12-14 Green
HEL15 15 14-16 Dark Blue
HEL17 17 16-18 Yellow
HEL19 19 18-20 Purple

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