Preston Offbox 36 Triple Rod Support

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Preston Offbox 36 Triple Rod Support

Developed with input from England Feeder Team Manager Tommy Pickering, the Preston OffBox 36 Triple Rod Support is ideal for coarse fishing, as well as active match competitors, allowing you to have all the rods you need fishing at once, effortlessly varying depth and bait to maximise your catch rate in any conditions, whether you’re involved in a commercial angling match, or fishing for coarse species such as carp and bream on natural venues.

With a lot of time and effort dedicated to its design and production, this is a strong, compact, and user-friendly seat box accessory that’s the perfect size to fit inside Preston Accessory Bags, making it easy to transport, and ensuring you can keep your rod support protected while it’s in storage, or on your tackle trolley.

Unique OffBox 36 angled teeth give you a full range of versatile rod angles, so you can truly maximise your fishing potential, and reach the parts of your swim that other anglers can’t hit.

The Triple Rod Support can also accommodate pole tips, giving it the versatility to suit both coarse anglers and match anglers, and the flexibility to accommodate almost any style of fishing.

  • Ideal for storing up to 3 rods whilst fishing
  • Preston have spent a long-time testing and developing the Support
  • The strongest and most user-friendly rod support
  • Compact design that doesn't take up too much room
  • Perfect size to store in Preston's Accessory bags
  • Unique OffBox 36 angled teeth versatility gives you different angles
  • Support your rods easily and securely on any bank
  • Can house pole top kits perfectly too
  • Incredibly versatile and multi-functional support
  • You can attach it to the leg of your seatbox or platform
  • Simply adjust the angle, leaving spare rods close to hand at all times
  • Inserts Supplied
  • 23mm OffBox, 25mm Round, 30mm Round

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