Prologic Steri-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray

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Prologic Steri-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray

Fish care is one of the most vital aspects of angling. If you want to be able to continue to catch bigger and more beautiful fish then it is important to look after the fish that you do land. This means checking over the fish for any bites from predators, such as otters or other predatory fish; taking care when removing the hook from its mouth, particularly if you’re fishing with a barbed hook; and taking steps to ensure that you do not damage the scales of the fish with your net or other equipment. There are plenty of seemingly small choices that anglers can make which seriously affect the health and welfare of their fish. For example, changing nets from a thick and wide mesh to a fine hex-mesh could make the difference between a fish with damaged fins and scales and a fish that is happy and content. Similarly, ensuring that you have a large, damp, and padded unhooking mat on hand, allowing you to release your fish from the hook safely and securely, is equally important. Finally, owing top quality carp care products, such as antiseptic spray or gel, to patch up any wounds they may have sustained before or during your capture can, ensure that your fish will not only survive but it will thrive to fight another day.

Prologic has teamed up with STERI-7 in order to create this Fish Care Antiseptic Spray. STERI-7 is a UK based company that produces sterilisation solutions for countless sectors, including healthcare, food manufacture, and agriculture. This made the brand the perfect candidate to join with Prologic to create and antiseptic product that was suitable for the angling industry. The result was this Prologic STERI-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray, a high level fish care product with proven results.

The Prologic STERI-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray has been independently tested against all aquacare pathogens, proving its effectiveness in all scenarios. It has also been tested for its environmental properties, ensuring that it will not be causing any harm to the other creatures in the water. This product has been added to DEFRA’s Aquaculture Disinfectant Listing Scheme CEFAS, ensuring that it is suitable for all aquaculture uses – including pleasure angling and fish farming.

The Prologic STERI-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray is a high level antiseptic which is proven to kill up to 99.9999% of harmful or damaging bacteria and viruses. This means that if you capture a fish damaged in fight or bitten by a predator, you can be confident that you have done everything in your power to ensure that the wound heals quickly, neatly, and effectively. To use the Prologic STERI-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray, simply pump one spray onto the effected area, whether that is a hook hold, a cut, or lifted scales. Then simply wait 15 seconds prior to moving the fish, allowing the liquid to form a protective barrier over the wound and to begin to attack any harmful bacteria or lice. Once 15 seconds are up, you can continue to treat the fish with care, whether that is to weigh and photograph your catch or to simply return it to the water.

The Prologic STERI-7 Fish Care Antiseptic Spray has been endorsed by anglers up and down the country. In particular, it has been spearheaded by both Simon Scott and Viv Shears, owners of VS fisheries – one of the UK’s most successful carp fisheries. Supplied in a compact spray bottle, this is the perfect size to sit in your luggage – ready for when you (and your capture) need it the most.

  • Clinically proven to disinfect mouth and body wounds
  • Incorporates STERI-7 Reactive Barrier Technology (RBT)
  • Formulated to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Upon application, STERI-7 Fish Care acts quickly
  • Killing 99.9999% (log6) within seconds
  • Ensures wounds are free of bacteria when fish are returned to water
  • Supplied in a 100ml spray bottle

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