Quantum 4street B-Ass Wag

Colour: Chartreuse
Size: 7.6cm
Sale price£5.99 GBP


Quantum 4street B-Ass Wag

Conceived in 1984, Quantum is a urban fishing company with the mission to give serious anglers the gear they need to outfish their competition. Quantum wants anglers to achieve the goals they aim for by combining the latest, high-performance materials with angling and engineering know-how to create the most reliable fishing gear for your money.

Coming in 7.6cm in length, these soft bait lures are made of Japanese eco-friendly material. No harm to the fish or to the waters, the B-Ass wag lure is enhanced with salt and a 4street special attractant to interest the most stubborn of predator fish.

The slim but long shape of the fake bait generates seductive pressure waves when pulled through the water as you reel in your line. This attractive movement is due to its special micro collar. The Quantum wag also boasts a seductive sinking phase where the bait becomes slower, giving nearby pike the perfect opportunity to bite.

The movement of the rubber lure through water is also made attractive with the strong twister tail causing an interesting lateral motion.

Also, the B-ass Wag lure is available in a range of colours, select from; Whity, Gold Rush, Chartreuse Green and Grape.

With the bait being an absolute pike and perch magnet, it’s a no brainer.

  • This softbait is made of Japanese eco-friendly material
  • Enhanced with salt and a special attractant
  • Generates seductive pressure waves due to its special micro collar
  • Also, the seductive sinking phase of the bait becomes slower
  • With the strong twister tail causing an attractive lateral motion
  • This bait is an absolute perch magnet

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