Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet

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Length: 30yds
Colour: Black/White
Breaking Strain: 1X 11lb
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Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet

The RIO 2-Tone Indicator Tippet features a two toned, coloured tippet to help give you excellent strike detection.

This tippet has two different colours that are both approximately 8 inches long in each section that interchanges throughout the entire 30 yards of tippet material.

The high visibility colours are available in fluorescent pink and fluorescent chartreuse or black and white and create a super high contrast.

The dual colours combined together work well to give you a much clearer and a better indication of strikes and is the perfect indicator material choice when you are European Style Nymphing.

There is also a band included to hold the unused line securely on the spool, ensuring that it won't unravel in your bag.

The RIO 2-Tone Indicator Tippet is a high quality and high performing material that is specially designed to help give you the best strike detection.

  • Two tone colour
  • High quality tippet material
  • Ideal for European Style Nymphing
  • Includes band to secure line onto spool


6lb 30yds 4X
7lb 30yds 3X
8.5lb 30yds 2X
11lb 30yds 1X

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