Rio InTouch Pike Flyline

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Type: WF8Float/Intermediate Tip
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Rio Pike InTouch Fly Lines

The Rio Pike InTouch Fly Lines have been designed to be compatible with the modern pike fly anglers needs. With a short head and a really powerful tapered front end, this line has been designed to have the capability to turn over even the biggest of pike lures. The fly line is slightly heavier than standard to allow loading of stiffer rods designed for predator fly fishing. A cold water coating which is very supple has been infused into the outer contact area and this along with Ultra low stretch ConnectCore gives a performance most other pike lines just cannot match.

  • Very Low stretch ConnectCore inner
  • Powerful tapered front end
  • Loads up powerful rods with ease
  • Super supple and slick
  • Smooth welded loops

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