Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Head & Leaders

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Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Head and Leaders

The Rio Scandi Short VersiTip is a cross between the subtleness of a Scandinavian head and the power exerted from a skagit head. The Scandi short is really suited for Switch rods or the shorter standard double handed Salmon rods up to around 13ft. The Short VersiTip gives a good performance on those smaller rivers where an angler finds back space a premium, with casting and loading becoming a smooth simple act. Every possible fishing situation is covered with the inclusion of four different weighted tips, all of which are 10ft long. The kit is supplied with one of each, Floating, Clear Intermediate, Type 3 sink and Type 6 sink. Welded loops throughout.

Please note-If using a single handed rod chose a line that is 3 sizes smaller than the rod's rating i.e. a 10' #8 single handed rod would take a #5 Rio Scandi Short VersiTip.

This kit does not come with shooting line(running line).

Code Type Size Head
SSV5 Scandi Short VersiTip #5 33.0 ft. 320 grains 21 grams
SSV6 Scandi Short VersiTip #6 33.0 ft. 370 grains 24 grams
SSV7 Scandi Short VersiTip #7 33.0 ft. 425 grains 28 grams
SSV8 Scandi Short VersiTip #8 33.0 ft. 485 grains 31 grams
SSV9 Scandi Short VersiTip #9 33.0 ft. 540 grains 35 grams
  • Simple loading allows easy casting at distance
  • Suits rods that are 13ft and less
  • Comes with four different tips
  • Running line required
  • Straw

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