Rooney's Fishing Supplies Shrimp Lures

Type: 3.4" / 4g
Sale price£5.99 GBP


Rooney's Fishing Supplies Shrimp Lures

The Rooney's Shrimp lures are impregnated with a strong shrimp scent, moulded from buoyant material and will be a sure fire pollack and wrasse lure for the 2022 season and beyond, subtle legs on the body give way to waving craw arms which when fished on Ned or Texas will flutter seductively in the tide, definitely one of those lures that anglers can't afford to be without this summer.

  • Strong Shrimp Scent
  • Diverse range of colours
  • Buoyant Material
  • 3.4in & 4 gram

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