Sakuma Supacast Monofil Bulk Line

Breaking Strain: 60lb
Sale price£27.99 GBP


Sakuma Supacast Monofil Bulk Line

Ultra clear nylon that has a very good knot strength and is very abrasion resistant. Useful for big game reels and also making long rubbing leaders/heavy biting traces.
Approximate specs:
  • 60lb (0.7mm) - 1030m
  • 100lb (1.0mm) - 510m
  • 150lb (1.2mm) - 350m
  • 200lb (1.4mm) - 255m
  • 250lb (1.5mm) - 220m

Please note spool specifications may vary, diameter and length may differ. Please call us if you'd like confirmation

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