Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hooks

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Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hooks

Our Single assist hook range is specially designed to fit perfectly our needle jig and Slim Jig minnow. The super strong and light weight hooks are tied to blood red hollow Fluoro Carbon core PE Braid. The Shape of our Hooks match perfectly the body shape of the most common jigs and the unique Looped rigging gives a superb hook up rate. We have wrapped tied the core all the way to the end of the spade of the hooks, so the hooks move freely and don’t tangle or scratch the jig! Super sharp forged hooks made from Japanese XC75 Carbon Steel and epoxy coated wrappings. Suggested use: Bloody Single assist hooks have medium length cord and are ideal for rigging semi long and long jigs from one side, adding one or two in the split ring. They are suggested for Light jigging, Shore Jigging, Cast Jigging and Vertical Jigging techniques.

  • 4 pieces per pack
  • Various hook sizes from our dropdown menu

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