Savage Gear Gravity Popper Lure

Size: 9cm/13.5g
Sale price£11.99 GBP


Savage Gear Gravity Popper Lure

With rock-solid build quality, Thru Wire construction and an ultra-long casting design, the Gravity Popper is made to match the needs of monster saltwater fishing. An innovative Hydro Lock Ribbing system minimises the chances of the leader snagging on a rear hook (a common problem with poppers) while at the same time produces extra bubbles. The dimpled structure of the popping area also helps to create more bubbles by trapping air – this results in a different frequency popping sound that is sure to grab the attention of hungry predators.

  • Dimpled surface
  • Ultra-long cast design
  • Hydro Lock Ribbing
  • High-noise rattle
  • SGY Saltwater UAR 4X NP trebles (90#6) (110#3) (130#1)
  • Strong Thru Wire construction

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