Seaguar Ace Hard Fluorocarbon 50m

Breaking Strain/Dia.(mm): 11.6lb/0.235mm
Sale price£13.99 GBP


This hard version of Seaguar Ace has been specially formulated to give maximum abrasion resistance for Salmon and Saltwater game fishing whilst maintaining the other properties of Riverge.

Seaguar Ace Hard Fluorocarbon is the perfect tippet or leader material when targeting large species as it knots and casts extremely well, and with its stiffness, is particularly effective at turning over large flies. Seaguar Ace is now a favourite tippet material for salmon anglers and makes impressively invisible leaders for salmon & big game fishing.

Seaguar fluorocarbon has a unique multi-directional polymer structure, giving reinforced strength on the knot. Seaguar also offers invisibility, high strength to diameter ratio and UV resistance.

The Kureha Company's fluorocarbons, Riverge, Grand Max and Seaguar Ace have achieved a solid reputation for performance and reliability since their introduction. All these fluorocarbons have the following in common, their refractive index is nearly the same as water, making them nearly invisible when submerged. Their breaking strains compared to diameter are exceptionally strong, they also knot exceedingly well and have a high resistance to fatigue.


*Please note these are going through a design change and you may receive an older design, there is no difference in the product itself*


BS (lbs) BS (kg) Dia(mm)
11.6lb 5.3kg 0.235mm
13.6lb 6.2kg 0.260mm
15.4lb 6.8kg 0.28mm
19.0lb 8.6kg 0.33mm
23.5lb 10.4kg 0.37mm
25.5lb 11.5kg 0.405mm
30.0lb 13.6kg 0.435mm
44.0lb 19.9kg 0.520mm
52.8lb 23.6kg 0.620mm

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