Searigs Concentrated Saltwater Attractor Gel

Flavour: Black Lugworm
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Searigs Concentrated Saltwater Attractor Gel

Beneath the waves at night and in winter, the lack of penetrating light rays drastically reduces visibility. This is a classic condition where UV-reactive bait can be of great benefit.

Vision is an important sensory system for most species of fish! Many species of fish can see the ultraviolet end of the spectrum, beyond the violet and use it to hunt prey along with the other senses, adding this visual element to the "SALTWATER ATTRACTOR GEL" can only increase the chances of attracting more fish to your hook bait.

Natural Flavours infused with key L- Amino acids and secret feeding triggers attracting even more fish to your hook bait. Made specifically for Saltwater use with a unique scent trail that has a visual UV attraction too. Made in the UK by Searigs with Natural ingredients from Fish, shellfish and Worm.
  • Supplied in handy, 50ml easy squeeze bottle with applicator - long lifespan when kept cool
  • 7 flavours to choose

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