SeaTech Silverhead Lures

Weight: 16g
Sale price£2.99 GBP


SeaTech Silverhead Lures

A deadly lure for all predatory saltwater species found in British waters.

  • Super chrome plated casting lures, highly reflective with a great action through the water.
  • One of the best Mackerel lures ever made, also good for Pollack and Bass.
  • The smaller lures, up to 60g are more suitable for shore casting, the bigger lures ideal for boat fishing, especially over wrecks and reefs.
  • These lures are also ideal for kayak fishing as they are not too expensive to lose.
  • Can also be used instead of a weight at the end of feathers.
  • One of the best value for money lures ever made!


Multipack contains: 18g x1, 28g x2, 48g x1

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