Semperfli Flat Braid

Colour: Chartreuse
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Semperfli Flat Braid

The Semperfli Flat Braid is a thick, fly tying thread material that has a stunning shine to it and makes amazing bodies and ribs on Salmon flies.

The flat braid is best use for making bodies on large flies like Salmon and Intruder patterns. It can also be used for making ribs on Salmon and Intruder flies and some of the colours can work great on Saltwater patterns too.

The braid can also be used for shellbacks and thorax covers on nymphs. Throughout the braid is a stunning, iridescent shine and sparkle that will really help your flies stand out and make them highly attractive.

The Semperfli Flat Braid has a 1.5mm thickness and is supplied on individual spools, in a variety of colours that you can select from our drop down menu.

  • Thick, fly tying braid
  • Stunning iridescent shine
  • Great for bodies and ribs on Salmon/Intruder patterns
  • Ideal for shell backs and thorax covers on nymphs
  • 1.5mm thickness
  • Supplied on individual spools

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