Shakespeare SALT Mackerel Masher Combo Set

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Shakespeare SALT Mackerel Masher Combo Set

The Shakespeare SALT Mackerel Masher is a ready-to-fish combo for the anglers who would like to give mackerel fishing a try without directly spending a large amount of money. The strong 2pcs glass fibre rod is equipped with stainless steel guides and has an ergonomically shaped, high-density EVA handle. The strong graphite reel is fully spooled with good quality mono to make sure you will be able to reel in loads of mackerel at the same time! Due to the length of 10ft you can cast incredibly far, so you will always be able to reach the fish. To make this combo complete, we have included a full tacklebox with all end-tackle that you will need so you can directly start catching mackerel; 2x mackerel feathers, 2 sinkers, 5 spare hooks, 5 beads, 5 swivels and 5 link swivels.

  • Strong graphite reel which is fully spooled with mono
  • Fibre glass 2pcs rod blank design
  • Titanium-oxide insert guides
  • Hardcase tacklebox included with: 2x mackerel feathers, 2x 3oz sinker, 5x spare hooks, 5x beads, 5x swivels and 5x link swivels

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