Shakespeare Cypry Free Spool Reel

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Size: 40FS
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Shakespeare Cypry Free Spool Reel

This range includes two price points: Cypry and Cypry XT. Both price points provide exceptional value and quality and cover the key sizes required by modern carp fisherman. The 40 sizes are great when fishing for smaller carp with feeder techniques and also cross over as great specimen reels for barbel and tench fishing. The 60 size is the standard for most specimen carp tactics for short to medium range work. The 80 size reel features a long cast style spool for fishing at longer ranges and heavy duty work as well as for spodding.

Cypry range:

1+1 bearing system; Reliable and smooth grease felt drag system

Large diameter bailwire

Graphite main spooled with 12lb mono

Graphite spare spool

Graphite reel handle

Proven reliability

Cypry XT range: 4+1 bearing system

Large diameter bailwire

Aluminum main spool

Model Gear ratio Line capacity
40FS 5:0:1 145m 10lb
60FS 5:2:1 275m 14lb

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