Shimano Fliegen 35 SD Surf Reel

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Shimano Fliegen 35 SD Surf Reel

This Shimano surf reel is made to be both light and strong. Coming with the new X-Protect system, all inner parts of the Fliegen are protected by a labyrinth structure and a non-contact type protection which does not affect rotation lightness. Against that, the Fliegen is fitted with a originally designed CI4+ rotor, the popular X-SHIP system, and the new Hi-Speed Drag. The casing of the reel is HAGANE in order to give maximum strength and gives total protection to the inner parts of the reel including the HAGANE Gearing and the refined X-SHIP set-up. The originally designed CI4+ rotor of the Fliegen 35 SD and the G-Free Body add considerably to the lightweight feel of the reel. The Parrallel Body design does away with the line touching the blank when casting, giving longer and more accurate casts.

Weight Gear Ratio Line Cap. Bearings  Retrieve Max. Drag S/Spool
490g 3.5:1 0.20-250m 8SARB + 1 84cm/Turn 20LB 0

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