Snowbee XS-Plus XS-tra Distance Floating Fly Line

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Snowbee XS-Plus XS-tra Distance Floating Fly Line

Snowbees XS-tra distance lines use a shooting-head profile designed for extreme distance casting. The 40ft head, runs into a continuous, fine diameter running line for the ultimate ‘shootability’. 

This very supple line with short Hi-Viz Chartreuse head and Hi-Viz Orange running line will deliver a cast at range with very little back cast, designed for use in tight spaces or simply effortless distance casting for even the modest beginner. The line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted fly rod and probably the most commonly purchased fly line on the Snowbee ‘balanced outfit’ promotion.

The overall line length is 40 yards and early trials regularly saw the backing line loop rattling through the rod rings! 

  • The Floating version has a 40ft head and an 80ft running line

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