Snowbee Knotless Mesh Replacement Net

Size: Small 22''
Sale price£8.99 GBP


Snowbee Knotless Mesh Replacement Net

With the increase in catch and release, all landing nets should use knotless net to prevent scale damage to the fish.

We offer various sizes of knotless mesh nets, suitable for replacing worn or damaged nets.

A cost effective and environmentally friendly way to recondition that trusty landing net, without the need to replace the handle and frame.

  • Small: For nets up to 48 inches circumference, length 22 inches
  • Medium: For nets up to 68 inches circumference, length 28 inches
  • Large: For nets up to 84 inches circumference, length 36 inches
  • Extra Large: For nets up to 94 inches circumference

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