Snowbee XS-Plus Thistledown 2 Floating Fly Line

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Weight: #2-#5
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Snowbee XS-Plus Thistledown 2 Floating Fly Line

The Thistle Down fly line has cause a bit of a stir, winning Europes 'Best New Fly Line' award for 2016-2017 and also featuring Snowbees new 'Nano Technology'. This new nano coating technology has produced a line more supple and smooth than ever before and has been described as having a consistency similar to talcum powder compaired to the old coating that had a consistency like small grains of sand. As this is a single weight line it is suitable for rods rated from #2-#5 or #5-#7 and is perfect for light fishing on stillwaters, with a short head of 34.5ft and 90ft in total. The line comes with pre-tied micro loops and a bottle of line cleaner making this not only a great line but also good value. 

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