Sticky Baits Pineapple & N'Butyric Pop-Ups

Size: 12mm
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Sticky Baits Pineapple & N'Butyric Pop-Ups

Super bright and yellow, these ultra-visible baits are infused with two of carp anglings most proven additives. 
The esters from the Pineapple flavour work synergistically with Butyric Acid. Butyric Acid is a carboxolic acid with a short carbon chain, in simple terms this means it is incredibly soluble in all water temperatures and carp can detect it at even the lowest of levels.
The mega-buoyant needle friendly pop-ups will stay popped up for several days. The 12mms are great for zigs and snowman presentations, whereas the 16mms are ideal for the ultra-popular chod rigs. While the Dumbell Wafters have been carefully balanced to counteract the weight of the hook and rig.
These can be a great way of scratching out a bite on an otherwise unproductive day and most carp anglers will carry some emergency yellow pop-ups. A proven winner and a winter favourite, these are great as singles or over scattered boilies.

  • Unique flavours with pungent, fruity aromas
  • Long lasting buoyancy
  • Needle friendly
  • Durable enough to withstand nuisance fish
  • Infused with potent flavours & soluble attractors
  • Great for zigs, snowman presentations & chod rigs
  • 100g tub

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