Stonfo Shrink Tubing

Size: Black 1.6mm
Sale price£3.50 GBP


Stonfo Shrink Tubing

Shrink tube, that shrinks to half of its diameter at low temperature. Especially for Float Fishing, Boat Fishing, Carp Fishing, Feeder Fishing, Trout Fishing, Fly Fishing, Pole Fishing, Spinning, Surfcasting, Trolling and Jigging.

  • 16: Ø int. mm 1,6; shrinks to mm 0,8
  • 24: Ø int. mm 2,4; shrinks to mm 1,2
  • 32: Ø int. mm 3,2; shrinks to mm 1,6
  • 48: Ø int. mm 4,8; shrinks to mm 2,4
  • 64: Ø int. mm 6,4; shrinks to mm 3,2

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