Stroft GTM Monofil

Breaking Strain/Dia: 2lb (0.08mm)
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Stroft GTM Monofil

A highly successful line throughout the globe, the Stroft GTM Monofil is incredibly strong and supple, suited to a wide variety of fishing applications.

This monofilament has high tensile strength with optimal elasticity and suppleness. Through the use of polyamide-alloy and a multilevel temperature treatment, this has enhanced the characteristics of the line, to improve adhesion, smoothness, elastic limit, breaking strength, fighting elongation, memory, flexibility and more.

The GTM is voted the number 1 monofilament fishing line by the report in the fishing magazine "Fly Fisherman". GTM monofilament is ideal for leader, tippet material for fly fishing, a line for trolling lures or deep water pirk fishing. It also works great in any spin or bait fishing application.

The Stroft GTM Monofil is the perfect fishing line whenever knot strength in combination with all the other attributes of a top quality fishing line is in demand.


2lb - 0.08mm
3lb - 0.10mm
4lb - 0.12mm
5lb - 0.14mm
6lb - 0.16mm
8lb - 0.18mm
9lb -  0.20mm
12lb -  0.22mm
14lb - 0.24mm
16lb - 0.28mm
18lb - 0.30mm

It is available in a wide range of breaking strains and is a blue grey transparent colour.

  • Abrasion resistant monofil
  • High knot strength
  • Thin diameter
  • high tensile strength with elasticity and suppleness
  • Soft foam light protection ring provided
  • Voted the number 1 monofilament fishing line
  • Spool capacity is 100 metres

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