Turrall Thingamabobber


Turrall Thingamabobber Turrall Thingamabobber

Turrall Thingamabobber


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Turrall Thingamabobber

The Thingamabobber is a new design in strike indicators from that uses revolutionary trapped air technology. Its design was inspired by western guides in America who use small balloons as strike indicators for their buoyancy and sensitivity. Already a favorite among guides who have tried it, the Thingamabobber combines all of the best strike indicator elements in one simple design. It is buoyant, easy to cast, ultra sensitive, durable, and affordable.

Multicoloured strike indicators:

  • 5 per pack
  • With jam stop


Glow in the dark strike indicators:

Never sinks and requires no floatant. Easy to attach. Ultra sensitive, and glow in the dark for effective low light fishing.

  • 3 per pack

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