Tronix Beach Seat Box Rucksack

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Tronix Beach Seat Box Rucksack

Designed as a viable alternative to conversion type systems for the Tronixpro Beach Seat Box and other Beta Box style boxes. Conversion type systems do require some effort to fit, becoming a permanent solution that cannot be removed once fitted. The Tronixpro Beach Seat Box Rucksack eliminates this, providing a solution that can be removed when needed.
The rucksack features a padded back section and shoulder straps, providing for a comfy fit when carrying a tackle box over longer distance. For anglers who don’t like to use a rucksack and take their boxes everywhere with them, this is the perfect solution.

It has been designed to be practical, adding additional features that enhance the Beach Seat Box further. A reinforced carry handle on the back gives a handy way to move the box short distances when moving up and down the beach or around the boat. Multiple pockets at the front and the side increase storage capacity and are useful for storing extra accessories or personal items when fishing. Netted fronts to each pocket provide a handy space for hook snood material or tools that need to be at hand. The neat draw cord pocket at the side is great for storing a bottle of drink on longer sessions. Lastly, the waterproof seat ensures comfort when sat down.

  • An easy to fit, temporary system that allows the angler to carry a Tronixpro Beach Seat Box on their back
  • Padded shoulder straps and back section ensure comfort for long distances
  • Extra pockets allow for increased storage capacity of the Beach Seat Box.
  • Ideal solution for the angler who likes to move frequently but likes the practicality of a box
  • Waterproof seat for added comfort
  • Seat box not included

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