Tronix Rig Jig

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Tronix Rig Jig

A specialist jig that is designed to make creating rig bodies quick and efficiently. It can be used for standard rigs with crimps but comes into its own when making glue rigs. At either end of the jig is a slotted, silicone material that features three slots, this allows you to position three rigs perfectly for applying glue or crimps. The soft, grippy silicone does not damage or kink the rig body. The jig has two countersunk holes, so it can be attached to a workbench or more elaborate rig jig setup. Using multiple rig jigs speeds up the rig making allowing the construction of multiple rigs. Using three for example allows the construction of three, three hook rigs simultaneously. This is the ideal tool for the match angler who needs to construct rigs on an almost industrial scale!

  • Specialist holder for use with glue stops
  • Slotted rubber grips your line
  • Does not kink or damage the line
  • Allows perfect positioning of glue stops
  • Three slots allow up to three stops to be glued at once
  • Countersunk holes for screw fixing if desired

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