UNI-Mylar Tinsel

Colour/Size: Clear #14
Sale price£2.25 GBP


UNI-Mylar Tinsel

Tinsel users will appreciate the choices available in UNI-Mylar. Comes in 4 popular sizes, #10=1/16", #12=3/64", #14=1/32" and #16=1/69", in Pearl, Gold & Silver. Copper & Blue, Red & Green, Peacock & Orange. The Holographic Silver, Red, Black, Orange, Light Blue,  Chartreuse, Rainbow and Gold are availables in 3 sizes(10,12,14). In 2015 a UNI-Mylar #14 Clear, a twenty (20) spool combination of plain color and an other of holographic color were introduced to fill all mylar tinsel needs.

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