Vass Fleece Lined Winter Boot

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Vass Fleece Lined Winter Boot

Anglers demand heat and comfort when fishing their favourite marks and these boots won't let you down! Vass is one of the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of waterproof clothing, wading and footwear brands and it is well received in the commercial as well as the pleasure fishing sectors. Vass manufacture all types of waterproofing apparel and whether you are on the tideline waiting for a large bass or wading down some lonely west coast salmon river Vass will have the goods to keep you snug and dry. This design of warmth with protection against inclement weather has been incorporated in these fleece lined boots with everything being thought of to keep you fishing.   

The design of the boots have mixed standard wellies with a hard wearing walking boot and a robust quick release top quality, tried and tested, velcro strap unit being fitted instead of the labourious task of having to lace up every time, especially when it is biting cold and the digits won't operate too well. This will give you speedy access to the rod pod if you have a run and you are holed up in the bivvy bedchair!

If your are looking to wallow about a riverside field which has become a mire these boots will keep you fully insulated and dry up to around the high ankle mark allowing you to run to the rod if over and across a puddle strewn meadow.The upper section has been designed with breathable shower proof qualities that will allow you to walk through longer wet grass etc and still stay warm and dry. These boots are suprisingly lightweight and have a nice robust sole even though they have been designed to be flexible enough for you to feel the ground when traversing over rough terrain. The inner lining of the boots are made from top notch insulating material and will keep you lovely and warm. Always remember to have your feet warm before they go in or walk a while to heat them up, and the lining will do the rest. We would suggest getting the next size up as the lining eats into the space inside the boot and it might be a tight squeeze getting into your normal size.

When looking to purchase a top quality pair of field boots that will not blow out on you look no further than Vass Fleece Lined Winter Boots. Simply lovely. 

  • Fleece Lined Boot with a quick release
  • Velcro Strapping
  • Waterproof to the middle of the boot
  • Shower resistant, breathable top material
  • Super light, and nice and flexy
  • Has a 'No Metal, No Rust' design, stops laces getting cut! 
  • Colour: Khaki Green/Black upper
  • Comes in 5 boot sizes

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