Veniard Blue Jay Wings

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Veniard Blue Jay Wings

The Jay Whole Wings are a full pair of wings with a matched set of vibrant blue barred wing hackles. The main attraction to the barred feathers is the unique and bright, almost ultra violet hue that definitely going to catch the eye of fish! These feathers are widely used on classic Salmon flies and can be used on Trout wet flies too.

Most commonly used as head hackle on Bumble wet flies and it can be used for throat hackle as well. The barred feathers also can be used for the cheeks on small Salmon flies.

Each wing is approximately 19cm in length x 3cm in width. These wings contain a great amount of usable barred blue feathers.

  • One pair of wingers per pack
  • Approx 19cm Length x 3cm Width
  • Natural colour
  • Ideal for Trout wet flies and classic Salmon flies
  • Commonly used for hackle, throat hackle and cheeks

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