Veniard Magnum Zonker Strips

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Veniard Magnum Zonker Strips

The Veniard Magnum Rabbit Zonker Strips are premium rabbit skin fur strips that are perfect for fly tying pike, saltwater and trout lures.

These strips are 6mm, extra wide cut and have mobile hair and fur for making an attractive, natural movement in the water.

These strips are best used as whole bodies on Pike flies and Saltwater patterns. They work great as full bodies on trout lures like bunny leeches and zonkers and are also perfect for cutting and tying in as tails.

The Veniard Magnum Rabbit Zonker Strips are available in various vibrantly dyed colours and are approximately 27cm in length with 3 supplied with strips per pack.

  • Premium rabbit skin fur
  • Cut extra wide (6mm)
  • Great for larger pike and saltwater flies
  • Ideal for trout Lures – bunny leech patterns
  • Mobile hair/fur for natural movement
  • 3 supplied per pack
  • 27cm in length

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