Veniard Pinnacle Fly-Tying Kit

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Veniard Pinnacle Fly-Tying Kit

A comprehensive fly tying kit with enough materials & tools to tie 100’s of different patterns. Comes in a superb plastic box with a deep top storage section and 4 sectioned trays.

This fly tying kit contains a selection of the following for your enjoyment:

Fly Tying For Beginners Trout 101 Fly Dressings Book; Uni 2 Tone Mylar Tinsel; Super Standard Lever Vice; Hooks; Marabou; Teal Flank; Closed Cell Foam; Seals Fur Substitute; Rayon Floss; Cone Heads; Thin Skin; Nymph & Streamer Eye; Fly Bodies; Beads; Seals Fur Substitute; Hares Mask; English & French Partridge; Suspender Balls; Booby Eyes; Cock Hackles; Holographic Tinsel; Uni Flexx; Cock Pheasant Centre Tails; Gold & Silver Wire; Cactus Chenille; Bobbin Holder; Bobbin Threader; Dubbing Needle; Whip Finish Tool; Hackle pliers; Scissors; Bronze Subs; Magic Glass Glister; Mylar Piping; Holographic Chenille; Deer & Elk Hair; Lead Wire; Grey Mallard Flank; Mixed Squirrel Tails; Peacock Herl; Threads; Peacock Eye; Golden Pheasant Body Skin & Head; Ostrich; Krystal Flash; Glo Bright Floss & Multi Yarn; Pearl Film; Fly Tyers Wax; Mallard Wings; Hen Pheasant Wings; Suede Chenille; Pearl Film, Braid & Lurex; CDC Feathers; Parachute Antron; Goose Biots; Squirrel Tail Black; Goose Biots; Parachute Antron and Guinea Fowl.

  • Weight of box (Empty): 4.3kg
  • Weight of box (Full): 5.5kg
  • Height: 41cm
  • Width: 41cm
  • Depth: 28cm

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