Veniard Super Stretch Floss

Colour: Black
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Veniard Super Stretch Floss

Perfect for buzzer bodies and fly tying segmented bodies is the Veniard Super Stretch Floss, a very flexible synthetic material that does not lose its colour when wet or stretched.

This stretch floss material has a wide variety of uses and is very versatile for fly tying. Its main purpose is to be used for wrapping around buzzer patterns to create bodies and you can also use it to wrap around nymph bodies to create a segmented design.

Additional uses also include making legs and creating feelers on your fly patterns. As the material is very stretchy it moves naturally in the water and is very easy to work with. The Stretch Floss is also highly durable and is dyed in various bright colours.

This floss is supplied in hanks, which are approximately 34cm in length. This supplies you with plenty of material for fly tying use.

The Veniard Super Stretch Floss is available in many colour options that you can select from our drop down menu.

  • Flexible, stretchy floss material
  • Ideal for buzzers and segmented bodies
  • Can also be used for feelers/legs
  • Stretchy, durable and versatile material
  • Approx 34cm in length

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