Veniard Chinese Cock Cape

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Veniard Chinese Cock Cape

The Chinese Cock Capes come from the back of the bird's neck downwards towards their rear. They are generally used for wet fly tying as the feathers on the cape have stiff barbs which help the keep their shape when in the water.

The neck capes are generally quite wide and have soft hackle which is great for creating cheek patterns on wet trout flies and salmon flies. The feathers are often used for streamer patterns too. 

Common Flies with Chinese Cock Capes is the Plastic Tube Teal & Blue Salmon fly, the Aurora Cascade and the Flame Yellow.

The Chinese Cock Cape is great value for money at approximately 10cm in Length x 3.5cm in Width and comes with a large amount of usable feathers.

  • One cape per pack
  • Various different colours to choose from
  • Ideal for Salmon flies and Wet Trout flies
  • Good for cheeks and streamer patterns
  • One size: approximately L10cm x W3.5cm

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