Vision Slim Magnum Fly Box

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Type: 12 Row
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Vision Slim Magnum Fly Box

The boxes are decorated with a special fish camo print. Slim boxes are extremely thin and you can squeeze several inside a normal vest pocket. The Slim series includes a special box with a magnetic bottom for preventing the flies/hooks for dropping out. The Fit series boxes are slightly thicker, but still slim when compared to traditional fly boxes. The unique family is completed with a duo of tube fly boxes.

The slim series includes a special box with a magnetic bottom preventing the flies / hooks from dropping out. There are five sizes in Slim series: small, medium, large, Magnum 12 row and Magnum 18 row.

  • Slim series are made for small flies
  • Dimensions (mm)310 x 220 x 20
  • Weight 312 g
  • Colour: Clear/White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dividers: Foam slots

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