Wychwood Agitator 9inch Multi-Pliers

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Wychwood Agitator 9inch Multi-Pliers

The Wychwood Agitator 9 Inch Multi Pliers, manufactured from PTFE coated high carbon steel and covering a wide range of fishing tasks. They feature a tooth on the nose that makes opening split rings to change out hooks on your lures. A built in crimping tool that will deal with both double barrelled crimps and split shot, plus a strong durable cutting jaw. They also give a nice firm feel in the hand with Wychwood's  dual compound non slip moulded grips.

  • PTFE coated high carbon steel
  • Toothed nose for easy split ring removal,
  • Built in crimping tool
  • Durable cutting jaw
  • Dual compound non slip moulded grips

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