Wychwood Multi-Tool

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Wychwood Multi-Tool

The new Wychwood Multi-Tool is a 6-in-1 accesory that will be a major space-saver for anyone's tackle box, keeping all the essential baiting tools together in place making them easy to locate and simple to use. Designed to mimic the all-in-one tool systems used in sports such as cycling, the fold-away design is not only compact, but also avoids sharp points being exposed and able to cause injury.

The lightweight plastic design features the following tools:

  • Heavy Latch Needle ideal for soft baits or PVA bags
  • Fine Latch Needle for splicing leaders
  • Boilie Needle, perfect for for harder baits
  • 1.5mm Bait Drill, ideal for air-dried baits and nuts
  • Stripper Tool for stripping back coated braids
  • Puller Tool for tightening down knots


  • Interchangeable heads
  • Heavy latch needle
  • Boilie needle
  • Fine latch needle
  • Bait drill
  • Puller tool
  • Stripper tool

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