Wychwood Connect Ghost Intermediate Fly Line

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Wychwood Connect Ghost Intermediate Fly Line

The Wychwood Connect Series of fly lines were introduced to address 3 key areas when using a fly line. The first of which is distance, so the Connect Series has a heavier and longer front taper giving tighter loops and increased distance. The second is fly presentation, resulting in a slick line with little memory that gives a beautiful presentation for even the smallest of flies. And finally the third area was take detection, and a braided nylon core offers the best of both worlds, allowing light tugs to still be felt and a bit of give for any hard smashes that might come along. 

The Ghost Intermediate features a distance taper profile and a very manageable sink rate of 1.5 inches per second. This slow sink rate is perfect for most stillwater fishing techniques and the line itself is coloured in a way so as to no spook wary fish. A great all round line that is sure to enhance your catch rate.

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