Wychwood Connect River Nympher Fly Line

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Wychwood Connect River Nympher Fly Line

The Wychwood Connect Series of fly lines were introduced to address 3 key areas when using a fly line. The first of which is distance, so the Connect Series has a heavier and longer front taper giving tighter loops and increased distance. The second is fly presentation, resulting in a slick line with little memory that gives a beautiful presentation for even the smallest of flies. And finally the third area was take detection, and a braided nylon core offers the best of both worlds, allowing light tugs to still be felt and a bit of give for any hard smashes that might come along. 

The River Nympher has a super thin running line and a delicate taper, allowing the line to land on the water with the lightest of touches. This line really comes into its own when fishing low water allowing you to get up close to your quarry and give maximum presentation and control. 

Rated for rods between #2-#5WF

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