Zebco Trophy Spin Rod

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Length/Casting Weight: 2.20m 40g
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Zebco Trophy Spin Rod

When it comes to active lure back fishing to entice pike, perch and zander, you need a sensitive spinning rod with enough backbone to control a hooked fish and land the fish safely. Thanks to its sleek CF carbon blank, modern V-Joint pin joint, a robust reel seat and optimized guides, this elegantly designed spinning rod series with its phenomenal value for money offers everything predatory anglers need to successfully target the fish they want to target.


Fashion model Length Sections Casting weight Transport Length Weight
Trophy Spin 2.2m 2 20g 1.17m 177g
Trophy Spin 2.45m 2 20g 1.29m 188g
Trophy Spin 2.7m 2 20g 1.40m 205g
Trophy Spin 2.2m 2 60g 1.16m 207g
Trophy Spin 2.45m 2 60g 1.27m 253g
Trophy Spin 2.7m 2 60g 1.41m 275g
Trophy Spin 2.2m 2 40g 1.15m 181g
Trophy Spin 2.45m 2 40g 1.29m 203g
Trophy Spin 2.7m 2 40g 1.41m 245g

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