Zebco Z-Cast Spin Rod

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Length/Casting Weight: 2.40m 5-25g
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Zebco Z-Cast Spin Rod

Sensitive blanks and high-quality components paired with a unique design. Exactly these aspects describe the new Z-Cast spinning rod series, which was developed not only for the price-conscious angler, but also for the absolute professionals. Our team anglers, who were able to conquer absolute dream fish with the hard backbone of the rod, were already enthusiastic about the campaign during the test phase.


 Model Length Sections Casting Weight Transport Length Weight Action


1.80m 2 3-15g 0.90m 99g extra fast
15 2.00m 2 3-15g 1.00m 110g extra fast
25 2.40m 2 5-25g 1.20m 120g extra fast
40 2.40m 2 10-45g 1.20m 124g extra fast
75 2.40m 2 20-75g 1.20m 126g extra fast
25 2.70m 2 5-25g 1.35m 139g extra fast
45 2.70m 2 10-45g 1.35m 144g extra fast
75 2.70m 2 20-75g 1.35m 145g extra fast
105 2.70m 2 40-105g 1.35m 148g extra fast

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